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Day 5

Posted by Chicago Team on

Tonight's post is brought to you by one of our adult leaders, Kimberly Nickel: Today we navigated the streets of downtown Chicago as we enjoyed our "rec" day. Together, we enjoyed the sights of the skyline from 103 floors above the city from the sky deck of the Willis Tower AKA Sears Tower...

Day 4

Posted by Chicago Team on

Hey friends! Today was our last full day of ministry activities down here in South Chicagoland. It was a full one, so we have a couple of students who will share: Jacob Davie:  Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great week! I just wanted to let you all know about what we are...

Day 3


Posted by Chicago Team on

It's late, and we've got a tired team, so I will keep this blog post short! We had another great day in Chicagoland! Our group is getting along well, and are functioning well as a team.  We spent our morning back at Olive Branch Mission. Our students have really hit a groove with their...

Day 2


Posted by Chicago Team on

Hey all! Today was our first full day of ministry activities. Our team worked hard, had fun, and did some incredible things! Here are a couple of thoughts from Jaiden Konschak about our day: Today we started off the day with devotions and breakfast. After breakfast we traveled thirty minutes...

Day One!


Posted by Chicago Team on

Hey folks back home! We had a great day down here in Chicagoland! Here's Peyton Chapman with an update for the day: After breakfast and devo time, we joined in with New Community Church's (NCC) bible study hour. We learned about Sampson's parents and their dedication to the Lord, and...

We made it!

Posted by Chicago Team on

Hey all! We made it to our final destination in Dolton, Illinois around 5:30pm. After a quick stretch break, we were introduced to both the church we will be staying at over the next week (New Community Church), as well as the church we will be serving alongside for the week (Clinton Frame...

Welcome to the Chicago Blog

Posted by Chicago Team on

On Saturday, June 24, 22 high school students and leaders (and one 16 month old!) will travel to Dolton, Illinois for a week-long mission trip. This blog will feature trip updates designed to give you a glimpse into how God is moving in us and through us while we are away. Throughout our trip...

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