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Building Up

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Today a lot of things were accomplished. Bunks for the new bunkhouse were built, sewing students progressed with their projects and some of the ladies even completed their first tote bag. But even more importantly, relationships are being built. Our team has been blessed with some long-term relationships within our partnership with the vocational school for sewing and crochet. It is a joy to be greeted with a smile and the traditional kiss on the cheek with a hug by so many dear ladies who we have come to know. It is also so fun to be able to laugh and joke with the women who love to clown around and strike poses for photos! We are still breaking the ice with some of the sewing students who are new to us and we see them as reserved, not making eye contact or smiling very much. There is such a difference compared to the ease and comfort with those whose trust we have won and who know we care enough to keep coming back. We also have build deep relationships with our ReachGlobal staff here in Haiti who we have held up in prayer through the miles apart and cherished in the time we can spend together. It is a beautiful thing to spend time together with people who share a mutual passion for this country and its people. Tonight, our team devotional was about unity in the church and we centered on Ephesians 4:29 which deals with building others up. We have all been on the receiving end of words of grace and encouragement and talked about how that edifies us as a body of believers as well. Words are such powerful things and by the power of the Holy Spirit we can use them for Kingdom work, not just here in Haiti but wherever we are planted.


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