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Posted by Haiti Team on

Today was a wonderful wrap up of our time here. Nearly all of the women are proficient at both new stitches and can move on to begin to make product for our Global Awareness Market at Constance in February. The order for our Holiday Boutique is nearly completed and we will attempt to cram far too much stuff into our luggage as well as taking an additional bag home with us! We had some good conversations with the ladies today especially our morning group about how God uses us despite our imperfections, back to the Cracked Pot theme of our last trip here. I was also able to use my physical therapy skills a bit when I talked to them about pain when hunched over their work for long periods of time in poor posture. I led them in a boisterous stretching session that went over well! Tonight during devotion time we discussed some heavy news about the exodus of many people here in Haiti to Chile since their borders are open. It has now affected two of the students in the program here that we've come to love. Dave, one of our ReachGlobal missionaries here has been involved in a group of local pastors and this has weighed heavy on their hearts. One of the pastors described it as a "culture of misery" here. This is a fact that we cannot fully understand. But yet we know it is tearing families and communities apart and the "grass is always greener"mentality is not always true. And there is also the fact that some of Haiti's best and brightest hope for a better future are leaving to the US...This situation needs much prayer! People's reaction to those of us returning time and again to Haiti is often admiration that we are being "so kind"or compassionate. That may be partially true but is really not the reason many of us keep coming back. We get something out of the deal too! It is a heart change and a worldview adjustment that is often badly needed for us in Western culture. It can be painful at times to have our hearts break for what breaks God's heart. But it also can be incredibly joyful and life-changing. And people don't always have to visit a third world country to do that. But God has wired some of us that way. We come back richer and our God is bigger than before. We challenge all of you to find your own "Haiti"


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