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Today our devotions with the sewing students focused on some of the virtues mentioned in Colossians 3:12, patience and gentleness. To illustrate this point, I did a trick where you pass a wooden skewer with the end coated in dish soap through a balloon without popping it. Disclaimer: previous practice was required and a balloon was harmed in the process! However, the demo in front of the group went as planned and we had a discussion about how patience and gentleness in our relationships can only come by the power of the Holy Spirit. One of our translators brought up a great point; sometimes even when we're reaching out to people we can be like the sharp stick but we need the soap which represents the Holy Spirit to accomplish His purposes. The afternoon girls sang a beautiful hymn in Creole, complete with harmony, to the tune of the old hymn The Ties That Bind. This is the same group that ,yesterday , appeared more standoffish so the ice is already being broken in the name of the Lord! Our team along with ReachGlobal staff Dave and Sharron, worked through a process of identifying goals and future vision for this partnership. It is amazing to see all of the different areas of giftedness that each team member brings to the table. It is great to have a newbie to Haiti , Jeff, see things through new eyes. It was a long day filled with hard work but we had meaningful discussions that will help us move forward. Patience.....That is what is needed as our two cultures partner together in this endeavor. We will continue to seek God's wisdom and direction in the process as we "skewer the balloon"


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