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Posted by Haiti Team on with 2 Comments

Some facets of God we only discover through motion.* Today we had a lot of motion. In the morning we met with Pastor Tingue and discussed vision for the future and present success and growth areas. As is often the case in Haiti, things did not go according to the schedule or our plan. A lone crochet student showed up in the morning instead of the afternoon. It turned out to be a great opportunity for Denise to instruct her one on one in both of the new stitches and she could be the test case for how much time it would take to teach and which one was easier to pick up. In the afternoon, we were back at the school. Once again...not according to plan. We thought only crochet students would come but the new sewing students were first to arrive! Then we discovered a sewing class was to be happening in our crochet training space. We had to adapt and be flexible (a necessary and constant task) and find a different but smaller and hotter space for the 12 crochet students; all of them and one teacher! Meanwhile I, the non-sewer, conducted sewing skills testing on the sewing students. I was blessed with a new translator who was wonderful. I taught him the English word "putzy"referring to part of the process and he wrote in in his phone to remember it! I actually had to learn how the machine is threaded and how to adjust tension so I am learning too! We lost daylight then the room , even with the electric light bulbs got pretty dark to see stitches; tomorrow we plan to bring headlamps! Some facets of God we discover only through stillness. * After a Haitian dinner of fried chicken, rice , pikliz (spicy coleslaw) and fried plantains we had our team devotions with the ReachGlobal team missionaries here. We were asked to share what God had been teaching us; so I led the group tonight. I am doing a bible study on Sabbath at Constance which has a lot of direct life application right now. The team discussed how Western culture values busyness and productivity and also how we can feel pulled in many directions as family members, friends, ministry leaders, parents, adult children etc. It's hard to find God's direction or listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit when we are always in motion. We shared a wonderful time of prayer for our personal and community needs which was a Sabbath experience in itself. God is good! *quotes from The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan


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Anonymous Oct 25, 2017 9:33pm

Praying for a continued amazing time for you!!

Judy Hamerlinck Oct 26, 2017 5:05am

Maria, I love the work you and your team are doing. Hugs.


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