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What Is a Missionary

Posted by Haiti Team on

Today was another busy day at the vocational school teaching crochet students the stitches to make new products to sell as well as continued sewing skills testing. Denise had many demands on her attention but the cool thing was that the more skilled students began teaching the less skilled ones; that is the mark of a good teacher! We were able to have the women sing their favorite worship songs and lead us in prayer unselfconsciously; I love their willingness to do these things! We see many things along the road and in the community here that you don't see in the US so I want to give you a picture of these here just from today: -a young boy running with a large pig on a rope leash -a "schoolbus" motorcycle carrying 7 (count ém!) kids in brightly colored school uniforms -many men regularly congregated at the local outdoor pavilion referred to as the "sports bar"; many times a soccer game is playing on a tv on a tall concrete pillars -so many people coming and going places, many with heavy items balanced on top of their heads -makeshift "restaurants"with food prepared for sale outdoors and a few concrete blocks as chairs and large steaming metal pots of food -baby goats tethered with a rope to a bush bleating and sounding like babies crying -and one renegade runaway with part of the bush still attached to his rope! These are just a few typical street scenes in this rural community of Gressier. Now onto our title topic. Denise led devotions today and God led her to a perfect passage from Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest entitled What Is a Missionary? In it, he writes "A missionary is someone sent by Jesus Christ as he was sent by God." This is not often what we think of as the definition. If you asked someone in the US, I suspect you'd get an answer more like "a missionary is someone who travels to a foreign land to help poor people." But Chambers' definition is much more inclusive and applies to, guess who?, all of us who claim to be Christ followers. He goes on to say that we often get it backward and put the inspiration in front and sweep it forward to conform to our definition of success. Instead, we need to put Jesus behind us to sweep us forward to carry out his plans. "The great controlling factor is not the need of people, but the command of Jesus." WOW! Good stuff for all of us to ponder.... As the Father has sent me, I am sending you. John 20:21


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