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Galatians - Week 3

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Getting Started:

  1. Read Galatians 2:11-21. In your own words, what was the reason that Paul felt the need to "oppose" Peter to his face? How would you have felt if you witnessed this confrontation?

  2. Why would Peter be afraid of the circumcision group? (Verse 12) Have you ever been afraid to speak up for what seems right in a religious setting? Explain.

  3. When Paul points out that Barnabas was led astray, he shows how easy it is to fall to religious peer pressure. Why is that so powerful?

  4. There is a debate as to whether or not verses 15-19 refer to all people or are written specifically for Jewish converts. Regardless of interpretation, there is a common desire among humans to have a good standing with God based on what we do instead of what Christ has done. Why is this desire so powerful? Why is the desire so dangerous?

  5. Do you think that this concept was more difficult for the Gentiles or the Jews to embrace? Why?

  6. Review verses 20-21. Paul introduces the concept that Christ "lives in me." He also states that he is crucified with Christ. What needs to die in us so that Christ may live? What is the difference that Christ makes when he lives in us?

  7. If righteousness could be gained by human effort, why did Christ die?

Abide/Love/Bless: What needs to change in my actions if I want a life that reflects Christ me?


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