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God of the Broken - Week 1

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What was happening in your life in January 2006? Perhaps this will give perspective to the woman in our story…

Read Mark 5:21-43

  1. This passage has two stories of people in crisis. What aspects of each story are “worse”?

  2. Vs. 25 - Think through the ramifications of this woman’s illness: social isolation, physical weakness, financial hardship, and the spiritual perception, made by others, that she was doing something “wrong.” Which burden would be the heaviest to carry?

  3. Vs. 27 - It would have been tempting for the woman to give up. What kept her going? What moved her to search out Jesus and to be so bold as to touch his garment?

  4. Vs. 30 - Why do you think Jesus wanted the woman to identify herself? How did this benefit her? How about the disciples? How about Jairus?

  5. What lessons can we learn from this woman’s encounter with Jesus?

  6. Have you ever reached out to Jesus in a desperate time and received “peace” from him?


Who do I know that needs the healing touch of Jesus? How can I bring them to Jesus?


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