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Fargo Day 3

Posted by Cindy Jones on

It was a packed day! The students served all over Fargo Moorhead! Two groups prepared and served many meals with joy. We had the chance to sit down and eat with the people we served. Our two kids camps went great, the children were bursting with excitement to see our van pull up today to the park. 

We had a busy night driving to downtown Fargo and doing a scavenger hunt. Then we joined up with Tri-City Haitian Ministry for their mid-week prayer and worship time. It was such a blessing to worship with them and make some new friends! 

Tonight was our second night of worship. Yesterday we challenged students to be WITH others as God has chosen to be WITH his people. Tonight we talked about Jesus being the greatest blessing in our lives, empowering us to bless others. Our student worship band is doing an amazing job!

Pray for us:
Energy for teams on our full third day of service.
Praise for all the support and encouragement at the host church and service sites.
Pray students would see opportunities to bless someone through conversation or prayer. 

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