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Fargo - Student Perspective

Posted by Fargo Team on

Hi! I've had a fanatical time on the Fargo trip serving others and expressing Gods love even when we are unable to share verbally. On this trip I was placed on a sports camp team where we travel to a place called Charism to teach sports to all the kiddos taking part in Charism and even those we are merely playing at the park. It's been a lot of fun showing the kids Gods love and and playing. Throughout the week I've noticed the kids develop more sportsmanship and other qualities mirrored from us leaders. This has been very encouraging for all of us who are taking part in the kids camp. Today was the final day of the camp and both the kids and students on the trip were overcome with emotions. On the ride home we were reading off the thank you card the children wrote for us and half the people in our van burst out in tears because of the relationship developed with the young ones. Overall the trip has been a success and was a fantabulous way to grow in our faith in Christ.

With Love, Team➆



I was also at Charism and it was honestly on of the best weeks of my life. I was coaching soccer the entire week and we had the most amazing kids. They had so much playing games and doing drills and we really built very strong relationships with all the kids. When we had our party on the last day we all cried. We cried more this week then when we finished our Awana year. We only spent two hours a day for four days with these kids. It was amazing to encourage and love on them everyday. It was a encouraging week and even though we didnt have showers at the church, slept in rooms with 8+ people, and got less then 7 hours of sleep, I would do this 100 more times if I could.

God bless,



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