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Leader Perspective

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Day 4 is the day that lack of rest sets in, patience begins wearing thin, and we experience God’s grace crashing into us like  waves. This goes down as one of the most interesting, awe inspiring, and pivotal in all of my Fargo years. This week has been filled with so many unexpected, undeserved blessings. A week ago, we didn’t know where we were going to be staying, but God did. A week ago, we had our full team planning to come, we didn’t know it, but God had other plans. A week ago, we didn’t know the people we were going to meet, but God did. A week ago, we didn’t know the ways our teams would come together in unity to face adversity, but God did. In a sea of uncertainty and unknowns, God's consistency in fulfilling His promised plan has been our steady. 

We don’t just count on God’s provision we depend on it. We don’t just believe that He will go before us and provide opportunities, we live knowing that He already has, but pray for boldness to step into them. We are spending the week assessing how and then taking action to intentionally bless those around us. 

We are actively choosing to be in prayer for the people we’re serving and the people we serve alongside. We are actively choosing to listen with compassion to the stories of the men, women, and children who call the F/M area home, knowing full well, their story matters, they matter. We are choosing to actively share meals with the community, knowing that what we have in common is so much more important than what divides us. That sharing a meal together gives us a chance to slow down and show intentionality, giving our time to spend in fellowship. That serving in love looks a lot like stepping away from our normal routine, coming down from our cloud of comfort and stepping into someone else’s bubble without the objective to change them, but rather just looking to love them well in whatever way they need. We are actively sharing our story, knowing it’s really just a small glimpse into the bigger story of God’s. Stories of redemption and restoration that only God can orchestrate and write. It’s desiring to share the most important thing in our lives with everyone we meet. Realizing that our lives are only a small cameo in the movie of God. He’s the star, His plan is the plotline and we are merely means to ensure the audience knows who the movie is about and invite them to join. We are image bearers that help His story play out, we all have been given a story and have been established in places to put the spotlight on Jesus by sharing our story with others. 

Day after day, interaction after interaction, and situation after situation, I’ve watched in awe as our students strive to be walker ambassadors for Christ this week. Whether it’s going above and beyond what they were asked to do or if it was noticing that there was an unsuspecting need, they step into leadership and make sure that things are done and done well. The compassion they have exemplified toward the people they are meeting each day and each other is incredible. 

Hearts are changing and chains are breaking. Fargo is more than just a week away from home. It’s a launching pad, a running start toward a greater mission of becoming less for the sake of God becoming bigger. It’s where knowledge of God’s word and action of living out The gospel get to intersect. It’s become a pivotal point in so many students walks with The Lord where they stopped living their way with God goggles and started living surrendered to God with eyes that see others as co-heirs to The Kingdom. These students are coming home changed, not because of a week away, but because of divine appointments with The Father they had this week through the little kids at kids camp, the people they served lunch to at the homeless shelter, and the bingo games they played with the elderly at the nursing home. This generation of middle schoolers are rising up, beginning to see His hand at work. God’s not done, He’s just getting started.

Hannah Beckman


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