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Haiti Day 7

Posted on

Hello from the States! We have safely returned from Haiti to good ole Minnesota. Hopefully everyone from our team is acclimating to the 30+ degree weather change! Yesterday morning we packed up and said our goodbyes to the beautiful people and country of Haiti. We took one last ride through...

Haiti Day 6

Posted on

Our last full day in Haiti. We began our day with church at Hope Rising. Everyone loved the worship and the message and it was such a blessing to see the unity of the body of Christ and have a family even when we are so far from home! Even though we do not share a common language or common...

Haiti Day 5

Posted on

Today was VBS day and our last day of health checks! It was a full and joyous day! We began the morning with 3 hours of VBS which FLEW by! The kids had worship, a lesson, games, snack and a few medical things, and craft. We had a ton of fun with it and I think the kids did too! After lunch we...

Haiti Day 4

Posted on

Today was another full day of health checks! We were at a different location today – at Legliz Evanjelik de Sous de la Gras in the city of Fontamara and saw about 50 kids. We saw local Fontamara kids and two groups of kids who were bussed in from Port Au Prince. Today had a...

Day 1 (May 2019)

Posted on

Bonswa from the Haiti team! We have reached our final destination at the Haitian Queen! We started our day in the middle of the night and arrived at MSP airport at or before 3am for our 5am flight. After a smooth flight, we landed in Miami and spent our layover drinking coffee, discussing...

Day 2 (May 2019)

Posted by Haiti Team on

Day 2, our first full day in Haiti! We left the house at 7:30am this morning and headed to the Christian Church of Jean Jean, a Global Fingerprints partner site, for our first day of check-ups. The medical team saw almost 60 kids throughout the day! Today was the day that our team really...

Day 3 (May 2019)

Posted by Haiti Team on

What a day! We hit our stride today and things flowed so smoothly, praise God! We started the day with a hearty breakfast made by the one and only Steve Cram (who’s nickname is now tèt kale – ask him about it), a Creole lesson, a prayer walk, and a tour of the local...

Crawl, Walk, Run

Posted by Maria Douglas on

We started our partnership with Pastor Tingue and Breadfruit Creations 3.5 years ago, in conjunction with our ReachGlobal missionaries in Haiti. It was centered around his vision to reach out to women in his community and build skills in the areas of sewing and crochet in order that these women...

But God....

Posted by Maria Douglas on

The last two days have been full!  On Monday, the men on our team went to our GlobalFingerprints site in Jean Jean.  My husband Jeff was able to meet with the girl we sponsor which was a meaningful experience.  The men were supposed to visit our partners at STEP Seminary in Port...

In Times of Trouble

Posted by Maria Douglas on

Our team of 6 arrived here in Haiti on Friday, Jan 18.  It was a different experience to drive through Port Au Prince in the dark with tons of traffic; on foot, car, bus, tap tap (public transport) and motorcycle.  We left MN at 5 am and arrived at the Haitian Queen guesthouse in...


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