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Day 2 (May 2019)

Posted by Haiti Team on

Day 2, our first full day in Haiti! We left the house at 7:30am this morning and headed to the Christian Church of Jean Jean, a Global Fingerprints partner site, for our first day of check-ups. The medical team saw almost 60 kids throughout the day! Today was the day that our team really...

Day 3 (May 2019)

Posted by Haiti Team on

What a day! We hit our stride today and things flowed so smoothly, praise God! We started the day with a hearty breakfast made by the one and only Steve Cram (who’s nickname is now tèt kale – ask him about it), a Creole lesson, a prayer walk, and a tour of the local...

Haiti Oct 2018 - Day 5

Posted by Haiti Team on

Have you ever wondered what life will be like when Jesus returns?We saw a glimpse of it in a church in a Port-au-Prince slum. We began our final day of health checkups for our Global Fingerprints kids. Between the two days of check ups we saw about 120 kids. Some required further care and our...

Haiti Oct 2018 - Day 4

Posted by Haiti Team on

There is a lot of growth that happens in the life of a child over the course of a year.Today we did check-ups for the Global Fingerprints kids in Port-au-Prince. Having local partnership in a child sponsorship program is really important. Our partner is Source de la Grace, a church with a long...

Haiti Oct 2018 - Day 3

Posted by Haiti Team on

We saw the beauty of Haiti today. When you think about Haiti what picture comes to your mind?-Piles of trash?-Kids dressed in rags with swollen bellies?-Blue Samaritan’s Purse shelters?It’s only part of the picture that should come to your mind. Let me paint the rest for you. My...

Haiti Oct 2018 - Day 2

Posted by Haiti Team on

We all bleed red. The doctor walked away from the helicopter, blood stained his shorts. This morning we split into two groups. The medical people set the backyard of the house as a clinic to see the employees of Reach Global and their families. Because of the national holiday, we...

Haiti Oct 2018 - Day 1

Posted by Haiti Team on

Today we partnered with Hope Rising, a nearby ministry that operates an orphanage, school and church, to put on a community health fair. As the busload of little children and their caregivers arrived we lined them up to bring them through the education stations and checkups with a...

Haiti Aug 2018 - Day 3

Posted by Haiti Team on

We spent the morning with some of the Global Fingerprints sponsorship children.  We did a Vacation Bible School focused on kindness.  The team had a great time acting out stories and having meaningful discussions with the kids.  Please pray for the Teen Camp that will be taking...

Haiti Aug 2018 - Day 2

Posted by Haiti Team on

We had some amazing experiences with our friends in Haiti and a prayer walk, which was a highlight of the team's day.  We helped to fill very large potholes near the the guest house in Gressier.  We were able to talk with people on the road and some even stopped to help.  We...


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