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But God....

Posted by Maria Douglas on

The last two days have been full!  On Monday, the men on our team went to our GlobalFingerprints site in Jean Jean.  My husband Jeff was able to meet with the girl we sponsor which was a meaningful experience.  The men were supposed to visit our partners at STEP Seminary in Port Au Prince today but were warned not to go there due to ongoing violence from gang activity in the area.  It has caused students to miss classes which currently are being held in other locations.  Please pray for Pastor Wawa and the students.  The men worked on projects around the property instead.

The women on the team have been at the sewing and crochet program at Pastor Tingue's.  The sewers put their newfound knowledge about sewing machine care and troubleshooting from the seminar to work immediately and have had blessedly few sewing machine problems this week compared to many other trips here!  That is a major praise!!!

The crocheters quickly caught on to making a new product, lanyards that include some beading.  They were a hit and many were cranked out quickly!  Everyone was engaged the entire time with much laughing and joking around, especially among the crocheters.  It has been a blessing to our team to continue to build relationships with these ladies and get to know their unique personalities!  That is an ongoing value of our team.

Tonight during devotions, Pastor Jim talked about an expansion of our understanding of the gospel.  So often,  as evangelicals , some see it only as being broken before accepting Christ and receiving salvation when we accept Him into our lives.  This is certainly true.  But that is just the vertical part.  There is also the horizontal part.  God wants redemption of His people on earth in the here and now.  As Christ-bearers , our work is far from done after we receive Him into our lives.  We also need to expand our mentality from only "saving lost souls".  God wants justice here on earth now, in every nation, tribe and tongue.  He wants to bring beauty from ashes.

Scripture is full of "but God..."statements to support this.  Joseph tells his brothers "So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God.  He made me father to Pharaoh, lord of his entire household and ruler of all Egypt."(Genesis 45:8).  "When they had carried out all that was written about him, they took him down from the cross and laid him in a tomb.  But God raised him from the dead...(Acts 13:29-30).

What are the but God moments we can apply to our own lives?  We all experience brokenness.  How can we listen to His voice and allow  Him to work in and through us to become a but God moment in the lives of our brothers and sisters?

That is how we can truly live out the gospel mission in the world, whether in MN or Haiti.


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