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Day 7

Posted by Haiti Team on

Leaving Haiti is always bitter sweet. From leaving the rhythm and relations in Haiti to the anticipation of being home reunited with spouses and friends. We're filled with memories of the week and ask for prayers as the following team travels in. Their flight in already has some changes. We...

Days 5 & 6

Posted by Haiti Team on

Yesterday was full of joy. The school desks were delivered (in multiple trips) and the students helped to finish the final sanding and coat of varnish. They continued to help build shelving and work on some updates around the guest house to help kick off the up-coming new year of mission...

Days 3 & 4

Posted by Haiti Team on

The days are full. The desk building was completed today. Fifteen sturdy multi-student desks with storage, tabletop and bench all in one. Nicely stained ready for eager students. Tomorrow the desks will be delivered to the school. Pray the school will be blessed with these new assets and the men...

Day 2

Posted by Haiti Team on

Worship in Haiti is another event felt in our hearts. The passion of the message (interrupted in English for us) can stir your mind to places of repentance and the exuberance of the singing makes you wish you knew the words so you could join in the voices lifting their song as passionate prayers...

Day 1

Posted by Haiti Team on

Out trip to Haiti was "uneventful," which is positive for traveling internationally. While things were uneventful in our physical travel, I believe our hearts were were full of events. After settling in and sharing a meal of pikle' (a spicy coleslaw), fried breadfruit, rice and chili, we moved...

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