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Crawl, Walk, Run

Posted by Maria Douglas on

We started our partnership with Pastor Tingue and Breadfruit Creations 3.5 years ago, in conjunction with our ReachGlobal missionaries in Haiti. It was centered around his vision to reach out to women in his community and build skills in the areas of sewing and crochet in order that these women can earn income for their families. Building relationships that have strong with spiritual discipleship is also a strong component of both his and ReachGlobal's vision.

What a celebration of those values we had this week! We have seen the women in this program flourish and have pride and dignity in the works of their hands. We've built friendships despite the language barrier. We have prayed together, worshiped together, worked together, and laughed together. Over the years, we have encountered many obstacles. We've made mistakes and corrected our course. We've sometimes felt discouraged and have celebrated even small progress along the way.

By God's grace, we've come to a turning point in the partnership. In meetings this week with ReachGlobal and Pastor Tinge, God has done a fresh work in our hearts and birthed a new plan. As usual, he has taken our five loaves and two fish and multiplied them. The idea of a consortium of churches to build the capacity of this ministry was born.

Our team at Constance will help provide a template for other churches to join Breadfruit Creations and replicate what we have done. We can learn from our past challenges and build on the success of our strengths to increase capacity for the women of this community to produce more products, with the help of others who will share in the greater vision that has already been cast.

Pastor Jim Scott gave us an analogy. First, we crawl, then we walk, then we run. We stood up on our wobbly legs and crashed a few times but are ready to take our next steps forward with the Lord's strength and guidance. We are so excited to see what God has for us in this next chapter! Please share with us in this ministry by praying for this process that God placed in the heart of a Haitian man many years ago.


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