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HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 2

Posted by Ryan Krantz on

Raise the roof.

We do not start our roofing project until tomorrow so our missionary friends Dave and Jen wanted us to experience something unique today so we attended the Chretienne Church service in Christianville.  What we witnessed was not only unique but powerful and uplifting.  We were told to dress nice for church.  "Something a little dressier than you might wear at Constance", Steve (our fearless leader) informed us ahead of the trip.  Before leaving this morning Dave casually mentioned "oh by the way, the Haitians WILL out dress you."  Not maybe, not probably, but WILL.  And they did not disappoint.  Men, women, boys, and girls.  Everyone dressed very nice.  Putting on their Sunday best is more of a requirement than an option in Haiti.  And that was only the beginning.  When the worship team started playing and the pews began to fill; the momentum started to build and the congregation was singing so loud they were drowning out the sound of the band!  Men and women (the women were definitely louder) singing and praising our Lord with powerful, beautiful voices.  Though we could hardly understand the lyrics; it did not lessen the spiritual impact that felt as though it would raise the roof of the place!  I couldn't help but think that as our American team was worshiping God in Haiti, our brothers and sisters at Constance and other churches throughout the western hemisphere were doing the same thing, at the same time. Oh what a joyous sound that must make in heaven! 

Some who may feel rushed getting to church on time would enjoy attending church in Christianville; where it is common and acceptable to arrive between 9:00 and 9:30.  LONG passionate prayers, a warm welcome for our team, and a random dog walking in and out of the service.  A truly wonderful experience we are thankful for and will not soon forget.

This afternoon Richard and Juno (local interpreters) took us on a community walk where we were able to experience a sense of life in this small community.  Chatting with locals, getting to meet the family and see the home we will be working on, as well as playing a little soccer with some neighborhood kids finished off a wonderful day.

Blessed to be here seeing what God is doing through our missionaries and excited to play a part in His ultimate plan.  Spiritual roof raising on Sunday, physical roof raising on Monday.


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