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HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 5

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GO where the people are.

Sounds simple enough right?  Go where the people are. 

We are in Haiti; that doesn't mean everyone should go to Haiti.  People live all over the world.  People that could be material poor; or poor in their relationships with others, themselves, or God.  Those people could be living on your street or even in your own home.

Finding the best way to help alleviate poverty is not easy.  We as a society now have the ability to look back over the last several decades of the foreign aid that has been poured into nations around the world and ultimately created a Poverty Industry.  The results show that in many cases our well intentioned "aid" has only hurt the very people we have been trying to help.  If you are reading this blog I can almost guarantee you have a heart to help those in need.  We certainly don't want to discourage anyone from utilizing their resources in an effort to affect change in peoples lives.  But if there is one thing that our team has learned; its that we need to carefully and critically consider how we can EFFECTIVELY use our resources to help and not hurt those in need.

To him who has been given much, much is expected.  Pastor Randy gave a sermon a while back and said that if you live in Anoka county, have a job, food on your table, and change in your pocket; you live in the top 2 or 3 percent of the richest people on earth.

 We are a blessed people.  People with opportunity.  People with resources.  And ultimately people with options.  Many times those are the things that separate us from people in poverty.  The question is how will we use those blessings to support and uplift those who may be in a state of poverty that you may be able to walk alongside to encourage, support, and allow them to see and hear of God's love and desire for their lives.

It is our prayer that this trip will change the way we think and go about blessing people who are in poverty.  It is also our prayer that those reading this blog would search their hearts and carefully consider their actions and desires in helping those who are in some way in a poverty state.  We are beings that have been created for relationships.  Walk along side someone you know that might be hurting.  Work with your local church to seek out opportunities to serve others in your own community.  Take the leap and decide to go on a mission trip to encourage and support our missionaries and our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.

We have been given so much.  One day you might be asked the ultimate question; what did you do with it?



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