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In Times of Trouble

Posted by Maria Douglas on

Our team of 6 arrived here in Haiti on Friday, Jan 18.  It was a different experience to drive through Port Au Prince in the dark with tons of traffic; on foot, car, bus, tap tap (public transport) and motorcycle.  We left MN at 5 am and arrived at the Haitian Queen guesthouse in Gressier at 7 pm!

On Saturday, a Haitian pastor and Singer sewing machine rep led a seminar on basic machine care and troubleshooting.  This has been an ongoing issue and he did a beautiful job engaging the ladies to ask questions and participate.  We had lunch at Pastor Tingue's and were treated to some beautiful singing in Creole by all of the ladies.  It was a very informative day and we all learned a lot.  

Today (Sunday) we went to Source de la Grace ; the GlobalFingerprints child sponsorship hub and attended church.  Steve Spellman, a ReachGlobal missionary who is American and serves in Brazil was asked to preach so we were able to hear a sermon in English! The worship is so authentic and heartfelt; everyone singing at the top of their lungs with hands held high in praise to our God!  Even though the lyrics were in Creole, we didn't need to know the language fully to appreciate the spirit of true worship.

Steve's message was about how we deal with times of trouble and Jesus' message to "not let our hearts be troubled".  Scripture itself identifies that Jesus was troubled in spirit (John 13:21).  However, to allow your heart be troubled is a different matter.  If anxiety takes root in your heart, it is allowing us to be ruled by fear and penetrate our very core.  Jesus' words in  John 14 hold the answer:  We need to trust in God's plan and trust in Jesus' love.  And we need to be reminded that this life is not all there is. In this world we WILL have trouble.  But our Father is preparing a place for us in heaven where we live live with Him for all eternity!  Haitians definitely know about and live with trouble...But what hope we have from the words of our Savior about where we will ultimately spend eternity. As Christians, this is a hope we can all share.  We need to live as if we actually BELIEVE IT!  A kingdom perspective changes everything about how we spend today and what we hold in our hearts.

In this broken world, we all experience trouble. But, along with our Haitian brothers and sisters, let us guard our hearts and fill it with the promises of Jesus.


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