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Tuesday - Feliz Cumpleaños!

Posted by McAllen Team on

Today's post comes from Elise Kelley. She is a recent high school graduate and has served on our McAllen team for the past 3 years:   Tuesday was my first house visit, and my team (the Bagel Team) was assigned to visit a family with two teenagers suffering from the effects of psoriasis...

Wacky Wednesday

Posted by McAllen Team on

It was the halfway point of our ministry week on Wednesday, and though we were beginning to feel fatigue settle in, God has been providing us with strength for a day that was a little unordinary.   Our morning was spent a little differently than normal. Instead of going on house visits...

McAllen Monday

Posted by McAllen Team on

Today we began what would be a typical ministry day schedule: Morning house visits & work projects, afternoon rest, and evening Vacation Bible School. Today we will talk about house visits. Our group is split into four teams for the week. Each day, three teams go out to the homes of people...


Posted by McAllen Team on

While Saturday was a pretty low key day, Sunday definitely was not. It was full of great experiences, but full nonetheless. Our morning began with church at Alianza Christiana del Valle. Our students loved how energetic the worship was and the passion with which the worship team led. Pastor...

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Posted by McAllen Team on

Welcome to our McAllen blog! As I write this, our team is slowing waking up after their first night in McAllen, Texas. There is not a whole lot to report from our travel days, which I suppose is a good thing. We left Constance at around 9:30am on Friday, drove through the night, and arrived in...

Welcome to the McAllen Blog

Posted by McAllen Team on

On Friday, July 21, 33 high school students and leaders will travel to McAllen, Texas for a 9 day mission trip. This blog will feature trip updates designed to give you a glimpse into how God is moving in us and through us while we are away.

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