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McAllen Monday

Posted by McAllen Team on

Today we began what would be a typical ministry day schedule: Morning house visits & work projects, afternoon rest, and evening Vacation Bible School. Today we will talk about house visits.

Our group is split into four teams for the week. Each day, three teams go out to the homes of people Alianza is seeking to help, and the remaining team cleans the church and does light projects. Here are a couple of updates from our group from each house visit:

Miles Block - we went to a house with a married mom and dad with two kids. One of the kids was 7 years old and had cerebral palsy, and the other was only a couple months. We talk about how having a disabled child can be hard at times but it can also be a huge blessing. They said how their disabled child couldn't talk or stand up but I could tell that he had a great personality and loved to play and smile. Mason then asked if they have American restraunts in Mexico (we all laughed for a while after that). Then we shared a few bible verses and took a picture with all of them and said goodbye.

Nils Anderson - My group went to a woman's house who was in a pretty tough situation. Her name is Abby and just 4 days ago had a baby via c-section. Just 2 days after she had her baby, her mother passed away. We went to this house with the vision of encouraging her and her family. She has a 4th grade daughter and a 1.5 year old as well. We could tell it was a very emotional time for Abby and her family but I could see how much of a blessing we were to her. Jadyn and Gabrielle were so encouraging to her and connected extremely well even in the midst of the tough situation. Dan was "in heaven" holding the 1.5 year old as she fell asleep for an hour in his arms. The rest of the group was also very encouraging with Bible verses they had picked out for the family, but they especially were a blessing to th oldest daughter by playing games with her and bringing her joy. We also circled up and prayed for a while for this family. This was an amazing experience for very one involved and it was clear is was a "God thing".

Claire Bruneau - On Monday we went to a beautiful house with a wonderful lady. She told us how she loved to sing and how she came to know her love for music. It was a magnificent story. She has her own album and let us listen to some of her songs. I love to write music as well, so I asked her what it was that inspired her. She talked about the beauty through the pain and how majestic it was. She talked about her adventure into America. About how long it has been since she has seen her family. She writes a lot about God's love. She had 3 of her family members staying there that she hadn't seen in 15 years. They were Catholic and towards the end of the day they asked to hear more about this God of ours, anything at all he said. I watched them slowly unravel as they cautiously opened up to the idea of our God. I watched them soften. I go to a Christian school which means one, I know everyone there, and two, I am a little sheltered in the sense that I have not had my faith tested. I told God I wanted to see a miracle, that I wanted to show someone to Him. I sat at the end of my seat wanting them to see the God I saw so badly. They asked us to pray for them and of course, we were joyful to do so. I left praying that I would see them in Heaven one day. Now I will never truly know if they accepted God into their hearts that day. But we planted a seed, if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is! I think it's one of the biggest miracles. Healing the blind is incredible, but God can heal us more than that. He can take away our sin, so we can live in love and pure beautiful joy for all of eternity. And that will always be the best miracle there is. We have four days left and I already experienced my miracle. I am itching to see what else my God is going to put in my path!


It has been a great week, and this is only a sliver of the experiences we've been having. More to come!


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