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Lent Devotions

03.02.17 | Church | by Sonya Anderson

Lent is a time for somber reflection on the suffering of Jesus and hope-filled anticipation for our celebrations at Easter. This devotion helps guide us through the next 40 days before Easter Sunday. Visit the Family Resource Center for a hard...

Canoeing the Mountains

12.14.16 | Church | by Randy Ahlberg

    There are important lessons to be learned through the journeys we experience but if we want to continue to advance in our cause we might need to consider a new approach.

    FAQ | Baptism

    12.01.16 | Church

      Baptism is surrounded by a lot of questions inside and outside of the church. This article helps clarify some of the most asked questions about baptism.

      FAQ | Dedication

      12.01.16 | Church

        What is Parent and Child Dedication? Public Parent Dedication is a statement of personal faith in Jesus Christ and displays your desire that your home where God is honored and obeyed. In order for you to dedicate your child to God you...


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