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Sticking With It (Part 5)

11.12.17 | 5:1 | by Lindsey Atkins

Sticking With It (Part 5)

    In a five part series, Lindsey Atkins shares her story of how intergenerational community has impacted her life and the lives of those around her.

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    He Sticks With Us

    I'm in a better place in life this year, being less weary, mainly because I've not felt able to do much but rely on God to pour into me through His Word, prayer, and others of various generations. God increased His strength in me through the endurance of difficulty and challenges. I feel like I can pursue more growth, improving upon my own weaknesses and strengths alike by His power, giving more than 25% moving forward. I've pressed on with my girls and can keep going with them into this year, building on the foundation laid last year in my relationships with them. To Him be the glory. I know I can't take any credit; God has used what I've perceived as near-failure and redeemed it for His purposes. In spite of my imperfections, God is gracious. Isaiah 55 beautifully describes how, when His Word goes out, it will not return to Him without succeeding in the matter for which He sent it. If we're willing and available, God will use us. In fact, there are so many examples of God seeming to prefer choosing those who might not be experts or even capable, because it's easier for them to rely on His power alone, and His power is always best. When we try to shine our own light, we just end up getting in the way; it's when we step aside and turn to Him that His light reflects off of us, radiating brilliantly. In this way, the glory can only go to Him, the source of all light, and He is worthy. God equips the willing.

    I pray that by sticking with serving God by volunteering with youth, no matter how hard it gets, God will use me to contribute to them sticking with their faith. Isn't that exactly what we're all called to? We're called to be more like Jesus, and, in spite of how we've turned our backs on Him again and again, He took the punishment we deserved and died for us – He rose again, and He sticks with us. He would be justified in punishing us for our failures, let alone giving us our next breath and unfathomably beyond. He has taken on the punishment and promises to stick with us... forever. If He can do that, then certainly we can do what we can to follow His example and offer fractions of time for those who could then go on and do the same, building God's kingdom for eternity.

    What about you? Does the importance of an adult walking alongside and guiding the coming generation pull on your heartstrings? I encourage you to pray and ask God what to do with that. What does He want you to prioritize in your life? Are some "priorities" really just excuses? Are you involved in some big or small way? All five-plus adults in my life played varied roles; some were big, some small, all were different. Another truth is that none of those that the Lord has used to influence me were perfect or could give 100%. They all have had their shortcomings. Some of those weaknesses have been obvious to me, many weren't. In spite of this, they've contributed to abundant growth, maybe sometimes because of the weaknesses and hardships they've endured. We need Him. That's the point; to show others that they need Him, too. What role will you play in someone's life? Are you willing? How can you be more available? How will God's power be perfected in, through, and in spite of you? How will you cling on to God, stick to faith, and help others stick with it, too?

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