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Check back for daily video devotional and discussion/study questions from Sunday, April 5 through Saturday, April 11.



These Easter-week experiences are geared toward families with school-aged children, but can easily be modified for all ages. If you have little ones, consider reading stories out of a children’s Bible, like The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones.






SUNDAY: Throughout Holy Week we see Jesus as our Savior and King. On Palm Sunday, we see him revealed as the King everyone said they wanted…but did they?

Scripture: Luke 19:28-38

  1. Did the crowd praising Jesus think of him as a king—and if so, what sort of king did they think he was?
  2. The Bible gives Jesus a variety of names, or titles. Which titles best fit your picture of him?
  3. What would it look like for our family to relate to Jesus as the king of our home and the king of our lives? (Be specific.)
  4. Followers of Jesus are invited to be a part of his kingdom. What is this kingdom like? How can we participate in it?


On Monday, the writers of the Bible tell of two specific activities of Jesus, the cleansing of the temple and the cursing of a tree for not bearing fruit. Those 2 very different stories teach the same lesson. Scripture: Mark 11:12-25

Discussion Questions for Your Family:
  1. What did the fig tree and the temple have in common? What was the problem with each one?
  2. What kinds of things typically keep our family busy? What kind of “fruit” do our normal activities produce?
  3. How have the past couple of weeks changed our family’s priorities? Do you like the changes? What do you miss most about our previous way of life?
  4. Read Galatians 5:22-23. How could our family increase in the Holy Spirit’s fruit during these days of quarantine?
  5. What is one specific practice we could put into place to make our home more like the place of worship Jesus desires?

TUESDAY: Every day during this week we are told that Jesus continued teaching in the temple. But, where did Jesus go at night? And why? Scripture: Luke 21:37

Discussion Questions For Your Family:

  1. How did Jesus prepare himself for the great trial he was about to face? What thoughts might have been going through his mind? What do you think he might have prayed about?
  2. How do you think the typical person in today’s world is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis? Has our family’s approach been any different—and if so, how?
  3. What do you tend to do when you are faced with an especially stressful situation? What is your typical response?
  4. What would it look like for our family to carve out more time (individually or together) to be with God in these days?

WEDNESDAY: In some circles this day is referred to as “Spy Wednesday”. Perhaps you can guess why. What was the final straw for Judas, the led him to make such an unthinkable decision? Scripture: Matthew 26:6-16

Discussion Questions For Your Family:

  1. How had love of money corrupted Judas?
  2. What had Judas experienced during the three years he spent being Jesus’ disciple? Do you think Judas saw Jesus differently than the other disciples—and if so why?
  3. What are some things that can (and do) corrupt our perspective? How does our distorted view impact the way we live our lives?
  4. In contrast to Judas’ greed, we see the woman “wasting” her extravagant perfume on Jesus. How does our family “waste” resources in order to worship Jesus with extravagance?

THURSDAY: "Maundy Thursday." Do you know why it is called that? The answer might surprise you in that the focus is not so much on why Jesus died as focusing on how we should live. Scripture: John 13:12-17 and I Corinthians 11:23-26

Discussion Questions For Your Family:

  1. Jesus deliberately chose these two demonstrations of his love to share with his disciples just before his death. How might the disciples’ understanding of what Jesus had done change, from the initial experience, to looking back in the weeks to come?
  2. What might be a modern-day equivalent to foot washing? Have you ever been the recipient of an unexpected act of “servant love”?
  3. Why do you think Jesus chose bread and wine as symbolic ways to remember him?
  4. What do you experience when you take communion? When has it been the most meaningful for you?



What is so good about Good Friday? Perhaps we could find a better name. It is a day to remember and reflect on what our Savior has done for us. Scripture: Mark 15:33-38

Discussion Questions For Your Family:

  1. Imagine you were there—watching the events of Jesus’ death unfold. What do you see, hear, and experience? If you were ignorant of Jesus’ divinity, what might change your perspective? 
  2. How would you describe the significance of the cross? What was Jesus doing—physically, spiritually, and relationally?
  3. Why did the curtain tear? How did it happen, and what did it mean?
  4. Spend time as a family acknowledging Jesus’ sacrifice. Turn off lights to remember the dark of Good Friday; gather in a close circle to remember the fear and uncertainty of the disciples; pray quietly and thank Jesus for his willingness to suffer. After you have prayed, share “the bread and the cup” in remembrance.

The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday had to be the longest day of all time. For the followers of Jesus, it was a day that had to be the worst. The day defines “hopeless.”

Discussion Questions For Your Family:

  1. What would be different if there hadn’t been a resurrection?
  2. How much of your life depends on the hope of the gospel—really? How would your life change without Jesus?
  3. What would it be like to face a world pandemic without faith in God? What do people put their trust in—if not Jesus?
  4. What fears are you facing in these days? How do you cope with your fear?
  5. Sunday is Easter is on the horizon. There IS hope. The future is bright. Do you believe it?
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