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Loving Enough to Ask

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Getting Started: If you could do one thing today that does not fit into our “Stay at Home” mandate, what would you do? In other words, what are you “thirsty” for today?   Digging in: Read Isaiah 55   Read the passage again. Listen to how the Spirit of God...

Engaging Others

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Vs. 6- Do you ever think of Jesus being tired? Why do you think John included this detail? Vs. 7-8- Why would the disciples have left Jesus alone? Why didn’t Jesus get his own drink? Vs. 9- Why did the woman comment on both being a Samaritan and being a woman? Vs. 9- The Jews were...

The BLESS Practices Revisited

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Getting Started: We are living in an interesting time. How do you think the world will be changed 6 months from how due to the Coronavirus? One of the acronyms our church has used for some time is that of BLESS. These practices give us guidance on how to represent Christ well to our neighbors...


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Getting Started: What is the best “neighborly” thing someone has done for you? Read Luke 10:25-37.  Identify all the questions in the dialogue. How is each answered? If the Samaritan was looking for reasons not to help out, what would they be?  If you were looking for...

Helping People Connect With Jesus

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Discovery Bible Study for Small Groups Discovery Bible Study is not about teaching others the Bible, but simply about each person in a discussion being guided by Scripture to think about who God is and what we can learn from the Bible. It can be used with seekers and followers of Christ alike...

Moving Toward A Better Life

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Getting Started: What is the most generous act you have received from another person? How did that make you feel? Digging Deeper: Read Luke 12:13-34 In reading the first part of this parable, it seems like the man was to be admired.  How do think the listeners responded to Jesus...

Moving Toward A New Trust

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Getting Started: What would you do if one of those scam emails was really true; that a rich man in Liberia was sending you $2 million dollars?  What do you dream of that money can buy? Digging Deeper: Read Luke 12:13-21 Verse 18 - Do you think people generally feel like there is...

Moving Toward New Thinking

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Getting Started: Pastor Randy Discher talked about his Aunt Pearl.  Did you have a similar relative who gave you gifts?  Why do you think they did such a thing? Digging In: Read Luke 12:13-21 Vs. 16- What would be some modern equivalents to getting “an abundant...

Moving Toward A Generous Life

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Getting Started: Every February we focus on what God is doing globally and our responsibility to live as good stewards.  Do you look forward to this, or do you dread the part that is about our resources/money? Digging In: Read Luke 12:13-21. Vs. 13- Why would someone ask this question...

I Believe...But Help My Unbelief

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Getting Started: Do you believe that the Vikings will win a Super Bowl in the next 20 years? What is the foundation of that belief or unbelief? Digging Deeper: Read Mark 9:14-29 Read the story again, looking for the things that surprise you. Vs. 15- What caused the people to be...

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