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A Light in the Darkness - Week 2

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Getting Started: As you look forward to your Christmas celebrations, what is one thing that you are most excited about? What is something that will be more challenging? Digging In:Read Matthew 2:1-12 What are some of the details of the Christmas story you heard growing up, or in other...

A Light in the Darkness - Week 1

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Getting Started: What is one of your fondest Christmas traditions? Digging In:Read Luke 2:8-12 Some of the first people to hear about the arrival of Jesus were shepherds in a field. Why do you think God chose to give such an important message to such unimportant people in that society? Why...

Everyday Gratitude - Week 2

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Getting Started: Which do you think is more difficult...giving words of gratitude or receiving them?Digging In:Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18Why do you think we so easily move into an ungrateful mindset? What is the harm in having this type of perspective on life?Why do you think this verse...

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