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Moving Toward A Better Life

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Getting Started: What is the most generous act you have received from another person? How did that make you feel? Digging Deeper: Read Luke 12:13-34 In reading the first part of this parable, it seems like the man was to be admired.  How do think the listeners responded to Jesus...

Moving Toward A New Trust

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Getting Started: What would you do if one of those scam emails was really true; that a rich man in Liberia was sending you $2 million dollars?  What do you dream of that money can buy? Digging Deeper: Read Luke 12:13-21 Verse 18 - Do you think people generally feel like there is...

Moving Toward New Thinking

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Getting Started: Pastor Randy Discher talked about his Aunt Pearl.  Did you have a similar relative who gave you gifts?  Why do you think they did such a thing? Digging In: Read Luke 12:13-21 Vs. 16- What would be some modern equivalents to getting “an abundant...

Moving Toward A Generous Life

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Getting Started: Every February we focus on what God is doing globally and our responsibility to live as good stewards.  Do you look forward to this, or do you dread the part that is about our resources/money? Digging In: Read Luke 12:13-21. Vs. 13- Why would someone ask this question...

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