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The Lamb - Week 5

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Getting Started: Do you have a favorite musical or play? Have you ever seen it performed live? Digging In:Read Revelation 5 Why did John weep when he found out there was no one to open the scroll? Why was the scroll so important? There are examples of this type of despair in our world...

The Lamb - Week 4

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Getting Started: If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be? Digging In:Read Isaiah 53 Who is the prophet Isaiah is speaking about in this passage? According to the chapter, what characteristics would this person have? What expectations did the Jewish people have as they were...

The Lamb - Week 3

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Getting Started:Can you name one professional athlete who has been blamed for his/her team’s failures? Why do we feel the need to identify a scapegoat? Digging Deeper:Psalm 103 is a song, written by David, directing praise to God who gives us good gifts. Read the entire Psalm. What...

The Lamb - Week 2

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Getting Started: Have you ever been rescued or delivered from a scary, awkward or uncomfortable situation? What feelings did you have toward your rescuer? Digging In:Read Exodus 12 What are some ways God provided for the Israelites in this passage? Do you notice any trials they faced that...

The Lamb - Week 1

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Getting Started: Which do you prefer, cold and snow or heat and humidity? Or perhaps, which do you hate less? Digging In:Read Genesis 22:1-18 When we first read this story, it seems pretty disturbing. What was your initial reaction when you heard what God asked Abraham to do? In this...

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