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Be Rich - Week 4

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Getting Started:
If you had $5 million you had to give away, who would you give it to and why?

Digging In:
Read 1 Timothy 6: 2-24

  1. We’ve read parts of this passage several times during this series. What are some words in these verses that speak to the life God wants for us? What are some words that speak to the opposite?

  2. In verse 19, Paul talks about “the life that is truly life.” What do you think he means here?

  3. What are things Timothy and others would need to cast aside to pursue this life? What about us?

  4. Last week, we ended our discussion by talking about generosity as a way of life. Why do you think this is a good goal? Or would you disagree?

  5. What do you think impacts our generosity the most: our circumstances, resources or heart (attitude)? Why?

  6. At this point, we hopefully understand that generosity is less about how much money and time we have and more about our love for God and others. So then, what is one barrier you need to ask God to remove? What is one opportunity you need to seek out?
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