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Praying With Your Eyes Open

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Getting Started: If there were 25 hours in a day, what would you do more of? Why? Digging In: Read Matthew 6:5-15 5 When Jesus teaches on prayer, the first thing he does is to tell us what NOT to do. What is that? Why do people love to be seen as super spiritual? How is this...

Crucial Questions

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Getting Started: What was the first time you ended up in trouble at school? (if ever) Looking back, do you feel the school officials were right in confronting you? Digging In: Our study will focus on Galatians 6:1-4. Let’s read the larger context, from 5:13-6:10   6:1- From the...

Finish Your Race

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Small Group Study Questions Getting Started: Do you have a “bucket list”? Share at least one thing that you want to do/see before you die. Why is that on the list? Digging In: Read I Peter 4:7-19 7- If Peter was able to state that the end of all things is near, how much more...


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Small Group Study Questions Getting Started: When you are doing your best to eat “right”, what is the one food that most easily hijack your good intentions?   Digging In: When Jesus walked the earth he often explained the difference between the kingdom of God and the...

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