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Freedom! - Week 3

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GETTING STARTED:What is something you tend to worry about?   DIGGING IN: Read Matthew 6:25-34 What “worries” does Jesus mention in verse 25? To what extent are these the things you find yourself worrying about? Why do you think Jesus focuses on this particular list? Read...

Freedom! - Week 2

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GETTING STARTED:What good news have you heard lately?   DIGGING IN:Read Romans 6:1-14 What does it mean that “we are those who have died to sin” (v. 2)? How does Paul describe this death in verses 6-7? If we are dead to sin, why do we at times feel so powerless to...

Freedom! - Week 1

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Getting Started: When you think about freedom, what image comes to mind? Digging In:Read Psalm 32 What is the tone of this Psalm? How do you feel reading it? Read Genesis 3:6-8. What were the effects of sin on Adam and Eve? How did they feel, and what did they do? How is this story similar...

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