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Getting to the Other Side of Midnight

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Getting Started: Has there been a time when the police showed up and you thought you might be arrested? How did you feel?


Digging In: Read Acts 16:16-34

  1. 16- Where was the place of prayer? (vs. 13) What made it a place of prayer?
  2. 16-19- What are the details about this person who was following Paul? Why do you think she was following him?
  3. 18- Why do you think Paul didn’t command the spirit to come out of the girl sooner? Why did he wait as long as he did?
  4. 19- What does it say about the owners that they cared about their money more than they cared about this girl? Can you think of other situations in our world where that seems to be true?
  5. 22- what details are we told about the treatment of Paul and Silas? How would you respond to such treatment?
  6. 25- If you were able to sing praise songs at midnight in prison, what song(s) would you sing?
  7. 26-28- From your perspective, what is the most amazing thing that happened in these verses?
  8. 31-34- Look at each detail of how the jailor treated Paul and Silas. Talk about the significance of each piece.

Summary Questions:

  1. Back in Acts 16:9, Paul had a vision of a man from this area begging, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” How does Paul define “help”? What ways would you most likely define “help” when you think of your neighbors?
  2. What were the beliefs of Paul and Silas that empowered them to sing in the middle of the night?
  3. What would keep you from singing in the midst of tough times?
  4. How can your trust in God be used of Him to “help” others with the hope of the gospel?
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