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Moving Toward A Generous Life

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Getting Started:

Every February we focus on what God is doing globally and our responsibility to live as good stewards.  Do you look forward to this, or do you dread the part that is about our resources/money?

Digging In:

  1. Read Luke 12:13-21. Vs. 13- Why would someone ask this question of Jesus? Is this really as important as the requests about being healed?
  2. Vs. 14- Did Jesus answer his question?  How?
  3. Vs. 15- Do you think of greed as being multi-faceted? What would be some of the “all kinds” of greed?
  4. Vs. 15- Why would Jesus give such a stern warning to “Watch out! Be on your guard!”?
  5. How does being focused on our possessions sneak up on us? What kinds of things in your life would indicate you have an “abundance of possession?”
  6. In what ways does our society encourage us to be greedy? 
  7. Which generation do you think struggles the most with accumulating stuff? (remember we are the first society that has storage facilities to hold our stuff.) Yours? The one before you? The one after you?  What is the basis for your answer?
  8. How could you help each other in your group to “Watch out!” for greed? How can we encourage each other to live generously?
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