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Moving Toward A New Trust

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Getting Started:

What would you do if one of those scam emails was really true; that a rich man in Liberia was sending you $2 million dollars?  What do you dream of that money can buy?

Digging Deeper:

Read Luke 12:13-21

  1. Verse 18 - Do you think people generally feel like there is “surplus” in their lives? Why not? Why is it that no matter our income, it feels like there is barely enough?
  2. Why is it so tempting to store up for ourselves?  What are the arguments we use to justify our full closets and garages? Why do those arguments sound so logical?
  3. Verse 21 - How would you describe a person who is rich towards God? Do you naturally think of qualities related to money?
  4. What would need to change to follow the 10-10-80 pattern in your own life that Pastor Discher spoke of?
  5. Read Matthew 6:19-24. How would eternity be affected if we were to lay up our treasures in heaven?  How would things be better today if we did so?
  6. Even 80% of our income would classify us as some of the richest people in the world. How can we be rich towards God not only with giving 10%, but with seeing God as the owner of the 100% of our income?

Ask God to help you live generously and to be making commitments towards Global Partnerships that will make you rich towards God.

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