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Moving Toward New Thinking

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Getting Started:

Pastor Randy Discher talked about his Aunt Pearl.  Did you have a similar relative who gave you gifts?  Why do you think they did such a thing?

Digging In:

Read Luke 12:13-21

  1. Vs. 16- What would be some modern equivalents to getting “an abundant harvest?”
  2. Vs. 17- What are the kinds of thoughts that would naturally come to your mind if you “struck it rich?” How might that thinking get you in trouble?
  3. What were the options the man had with his windfall? Do you think the listeners to the parable of Jesus would have considered the rich man lucky?  Blessed?
  4. Vs. 19- Doesn’t this sound like the American dream?  Isn’t this the goal of most people, to be financially secure and independent so we can retire? What is missing from the rich man’s thinking and from ours?
  5. Vs. 20- Jesus called him a fool?  Why?
  6. If Jesus looked in our closets and our garages, would he have reason to call us fools? What kinds of greed have we been captured by?(vs. 15)
  7. When does our thinking on retirement switch from being “prudent” to being “foolish?” Would Jesus have reason to call us “fools?”
  8. Vs. 20- Wouldn’t most of us say that all of our abundance will be passed on to our offspring?  How does that miss the point, not excluding us from being labeled as “fools”?
  9. What are some specific things you can be doing towards living generously instead of foolishly?

Be praying for one another to be able to move towards attitudes and actions with our possessions that more accurately reflect an eternal perspective.

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