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Small Group Notes: A Complicated World

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Small Group Study Questions 

Getting Started: What was the least appreciated Christmas gift you remember receiving?  Or how about the least appreciated you gave? 


Digging in: Pastor Randy Discher’s Main Points:

Jesus had to come as He did to be what He was.

He had to be what He was to do what He did.

He had to do what He did so you might have what He is.

You must have what He is to be what He was.

Jesus is referred to as “the second Adam”.  Having an understanding of this designation will help us understand why Jesus had to come to earth as a human. This week we will look at some of the ways the first Adam and the last Adam (Jesus) differ.


Read I Corinthians 15:20-58


  1. vs. 21-22. What came through Adam and what came through Jesus?

            - How did Adam come about? Genesis 2:7.

            - What kind of world did Adam live in? Genesis 2:8

            - What messed up Adam’s world? (someone tell the story of Genesis 3)

            The teaching that we have all inherited death through our association with Adam.  Since we inherited death through a man, by what means can we inherit the resurrection? I Co. 15:22


  1. vs. 45-46 What came through Adam and what came through Jesus?

            - Those who are of Adam can reproduce physical beings.  What kind of life does Jesus offer? 2 Corinthians 5:17


  1. vs. 47- Where did Adam come from and where did Jesus come from?

            - One thing the two Adams have in common is that neither had an earthly father.


  1. vs. 49- What is image is possible through Adam and what through Jesus?


Paul’s teaching is that Adam is the representative of all humanity. Jesus came to fix what Adam messed up, conquering death and the grave. Jesus had to enter into Adam’s race to rescue Adam’s race.


  1. vs. 50-57- Because of what Jesus Christ has done, what is our good news?

            - How often do you thank God for the gift of eternal life?  Why does this feel so far away at times?


  1. vs. 58- In light of the victory that Christ has won for us, how should be then live?

            - Why are we told to stand firm? What are the kinds of things that might “move” us?

            - What does it look like to give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord? Do you?

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