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Small Group Notes: Anchored in Purpose

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Getting Started: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?  At what age did you land in the profession you landed in?


Digging In: Read Col. 3:12-4:6


  1. Read vs. 17 again.

            - There is a great temptation to think that our Monday-Friday belongs to the pursuit of our career and making money, Saturday belongs to our family and Sunday belongs to God.  What are some of the problems with such thinking?

            - Have there been times when you have fallen into such thinking?

            - Read Matthew 6:24. Why is the temptation to define ourselves in terms of what we do for a paycheck as our “master” so powerful?


  1. Paul writes of several ways that we can demonstrate that we are living for Christ in various walks of life. What does that look like in dealing with others we are in relationship with? How about our employment?


  1. Read Mark 8:34-36

            - There are 3 specific things Jesus mentions that a disciple will need to do. What are they? (vs. 34)

            - What does it mean to deny ourselves?  Why is that needed if we are going to follow Jesus?

            - What examples could you share with others in your group of what it means to lose your life so you can find it?


  1. What do you do to remind yourself that your defining purpose in life is to live for God and that your profession must serve that purpose?


  1. What are specific ways that you can demonstrate that serving God is your ultimate purpose in life?
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