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Small Group Notes: December 20

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Small Group Study Questions - December 20, 2020


Getting Started: What part of the Christmas season are you looking forward to the most?


Digging In: Luke 2:20- The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and see, which were just as they had been told. Do you anticipate being filled with joy by the time December 26th arrives?


Pastor Sean’s message focused on some specific things we need to “practice” to reclaim joy.  Let’s review those points and talk about them.


  1. Let God set your joy.

Read Lamentations 3:22-23; Psalm 51:12

  • When do you remember having the most “joy” in your salvation?
  • Why is it that people tend to lose that passion?
  • What practices help you keep/regain your passion for what God has done and is doing?


  1. Be intensely curious about Jesus

Read Luke 2:17-19

  • What have you learned about God this past year?
  • What are you “pondering” about God these days?
  • What are you “treasuring in your heart” these days?


  1. Embrace the discipline of celebration

Read Deuteronomy 14:26; Nehemiah 8:9-11, Psalm 19:8, Psalm 95:1

  • Did you grow up in a home that laughed and celebrated well?
  • How would you describe an event that is celebratory with an underlying joy-filled thankfulness to God? When have you experienced that?
  • Have you ever thought of celebration as a discipline? How might that be helpful for you?


  1. Worship Jesus in your problems

Read James 1:2-3

  • Why is it so hard to be joyful when in trials?
  • Does the potential for future reward sufficiently carry you to joy in present pain?


  1. Spread the word about Jesus

Read Luke 2:17, 20; 15:7

  • What joyful events have you been talking about to your friends and family?
  • With the Good News about Jesus giving you joy, who can you share that with?
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