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Small Group Notes: The Book of Titus Week 2

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Small Group Notes - Titus 1:5-16

Getting Started: What is the best thing about 2020 so far?


Digging In: In this passage the apostle Paul spells out the criteria for the kind of leaders that are needed in the local church. Read Titus 1:5-16

  1. Verse 6- Paul lists a number of character markers as related to the elder’s household. Why does Paul begin here? What does “blameless” look like?
  2. Verse 6- Which of these standards is the most surprising to you? Which is the most difficult?
  3. Verse 7- Paul repeats the need to be blameless. Why is that?
  4. Verse 7- These standards have to do with personal integrity. What is the most surprising to you on this list?
  5. Verse 8- How does “hospitality” fit on this list? Why is it important enough to be listed with the other character qualities on this list? Is being hospitable that big a deal?
  6. Verse 9- How is sound doctrine an encouragement to others? When is it needed to refute people?
  7. Verse 10-11- The “circumcision group” would be people from a Jewish background who insisted that a follower of Christ must still follow Jewish customs to be “good”. What is so dangerous about such an approach? Why would Paul refer to such people as “rebellious”?
  8. Verse 13-14- What might be some modern equivalents of “Jewish myths and merely human commands”?
  9. Verse 15-16- Paul gives a chilling summary of those who claim to know God but their actions deny him. What is that description?
  10. Verse 16- As a reminder, Paul continually returns to the idea of “doing good” in this letter. Contrast those in vs. 8, who love what is good to those is vs. 16 who are unfit for doing anything good.
  11. Talk about people you know (or knew) who “love what is good”. What demonstrates that they love what is good?
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