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The Lamb - Week 2

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Getting Started:
Have you ever been rescued or delivered from a scary, awkward or uncomfortable situation? What feelings did you have toward your rescuer?

Digging In:
Read Exodus 12

  1. What are some ways God provided for the Israelites in this passage? Do you notice any trials they faced that ended up being a blessing?

  2. What are some things we learn about God from these verses? Does this still apply to us today?

  3. The many instructions God gave the Israelites, including how to prepare the Passover lamb, helped set them apart from other nations. Why were these instructions so important? Were there consequences if they didn’t follow them?

  4. What are ways Jesus’ example in the New Testament calls us to be set apart from the culture we live in today? How does his example call us to engage in culture?

  5. The Passover lamb was meant to provide a covering over the Israelites—it protected them from the final plague. How is Jesus like the Passover lamb? What does Jesus’ sacrifice provide for us?

  6. How does understanding the importance of sacrifice help us better relate to God? How does it help us better connect with others?
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