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Teach Us To Pray - Week 1

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Getting Started: What do you feel is the most difficult part of prayer? Digging In:Read Matthew 6:5-13 Why does verse 5 say to “not be like the hypocrites” when you pray? In what ways were their prayers dishonoring to God? Why do you think Jesus told his disciples to pray behind...

I Quit - Week 4

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Getting Started: What is the most ridiculous excuse you have ever used? Digging In:Read Exodus 4:1-17 Why do we make excuses? What is the difference between an excuse and a reason? Do you think “I don’t have enough time” is an excuse or a reason for not doing things? Do...

I Quit - Week 3

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Getting Started: What was your biggest fear when you were a child? Digging In:Read Acts 16:16-40 What would your first reaction be if you were surrounded by an angry mob, stripped, and beaten? Why do you think Paul and Silas were able to pray and sing hymns to God in the midst of the...

I Quit - Week 2

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Getting Started: What blessings has God given you that you are most thankful for? Digging In:Read Luke 18:9-14 Why do you think we compare? In what area of your life do you feel most prone to comparison? In verse 9 it says, “some were confident of their own...

I Quit - Week 1

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Getting Started: In no more than five words, what is your attitude about our recent snow? Digging In:Read Psalm 69:1-12 What kinds of things are you most likely to complain about? What was the psalmist experiencing as he was crying out to the Lord? What hardships did he seem to be...

Easter Weekend 2018

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Getting Started: If you were asked to recite a verse or common saying from memory, what would be the first one that would come to mind? Digging In:Read John 3:1-16 What about verse 16 makes it such a favorite for so many people? Why do you think God loves this world? What does God see in...

The Art of Neighboring - Week 5

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Getting Started: Have you used the chocolate bar from last weekend's sermon to invite anyone to our Easter services? How did the interaction go? Digging In:Read Luke 14:15-23 What did the excuses of the invited guests reveal about their priorities? (Luke 14:18-20) Did any of the excuses seem...

The Art of Neighboring - Week 4

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Getting Started: If you were sent into the wilderness for a week and could only bring three things, what would they be? Digging In:Read Luke 10:1-11 Why did Jesus send out the seventy-two in pairs? In verse 3 Jesus says “Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.” What...

The Art of Neighboring - Week 3

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Getting Started: If you wanted to throw an epic party, what would need to be included? Digging In:Read Luke 5:27-32 What do you think was so compelling about Jesus that Levi would leave everything to follow him? What do you think was going through Levi’s mind as he left his business...

The Art of Neighboring - Week 2

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Getting Started:You've probably had an experience when you completely lost track of time while doing something you’re a little embarrassed about...like binge-watching an entire season of a TV show. Do you have any stories you’d be willing to share with the group? Digging In:Read the...

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