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Helping People Connect with Jesus - Week 5

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Getting Started: Share about a time where you experienced mercy when in reality you knew you deserved to be punished. If you can’t think of a personal story, perhaps share a story you’ve heard. Digging In:Read Luke 15:11-32 In verse 21, the son acknowledges that he sinned not...

Helping People Connect with Jesus - Week 4

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Getting Started: Reflect on some of the scandals that have been in the headlines lately. What are some of the ways that people tried to make the situation better or cover it up? Digging In:Read Luke 15:11-20 What do you think was going through the son’s mind as he was journeying home?...

Helping People Connect with Jesus - Week 3

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Getting Started: As a group, think about what some of the biggest regrets in people’s lives might be. Digging In:Read Luke 15:17-20 What events took place so that the son could come to his senses? Is there anything in these verses that indicates he was feeling regret? Why...

Helping People Connect with Jesus - Week 2

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Getting Started: When you were younger, was there something that you really wanted? Whether it was a toy, a certain car, a date for prom…if you finally got it, did it make your life complete? Digging In:Read Luke 15:11-16 This son seemed to have everything he needed while living in...

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