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Engaging Others

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  1. Vs. 6- Do you ever think of Jesus being tired? Why do you think John included this detail?
  2. Vs. 7-8- Why would the disciples have left Jesus alone? Why didn’t Jesus get his own drink?
  3. Vs. 9- Why did the woman comment on both being a Samaritan and being a woman?
  4. Vs. 9- The Jews were guilty of thinking the Samaritans were second class people. Who would be a modern-day equivalent?
  5. Vs. 11- What might the woman have been thinking about Jesus at this point in their exchange? How did Jesus insure that the exchange with this woman became spiritual rather than political?
  6. Vs. 15- Again, put yourself in the position of this woman. At this point, what part of her response was that of a seeker and what part was keeping things superficial?
  7. Vs. 16-19- How did the woman respond to the exchange about her husband (or lack thereof).
  8. Vs. 23- What does it mean to worship in spirit and in truth? What does worship look like with one of those missing?
  9. Vs. 26- How do you think the woman felt when Jesus made this declaration?
  10. Vs. 27- Why doesn’t it say that they were surprised he was talking to a Samaritan but were surprised he was talking to a woman? Why don’t you think they said anything?
  11. Vs. 31-38- How did Jesus move the disciple’s conversation about food to something more important? What was the center of what he wanted to communicate to the disciples?
  12. Vs. 39- What compelled the woman to tell others about Jesus?
  13. If you were going to tell another person about what convinced you that Jesus was the Savior of the world, what would you tell them?
  14. Who do you feel compelled to tell about Jesus? If you don’t feel compelled to tell others, why might that be?
  15. How can you show compassion for your neighbors during this season?
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