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Showing Christ to the World

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Small Group Study Questions

Titus 3:1-7

Getting Started:  If the speed limit is 55MPH on the road from Isanti to Princeton, how fast would you probably be driving?


Digging In: Read Titus 3:1-7


1. vs. 1- Why would people need to be reminded to be subject to rulers and authorities?


2. vs. 1- How do being subject, obedient, and ready to do whatever is good, relate to each other?


3. vs. 2- What are the 4 things that Paul identifies as examples of vs. 1? 

- In the political climate of today, what does it mean to slander no one?

- If you post things in social media, would you describe your posts as peaceable?

- Does the command to be “considerate” have any bearing on the controversies around wearing masks?

- If you are discussing this in your small group, were you able to do so in a way that would be described as “gentle toward everyone”? How about those who disagree with you?


4. vs. 3- Just as vs. 2 describes a person who is subject/obedient/ready to do good, vs. 3 describes a person who isn’t.  How did we demonstrate each of the attributes listed?

- foolish - disobedient

- deceived - enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures

- living in malice and envy - being hated and hating one another.


5. vs. 4-5- What qualified us to be saved?


6. vs. 5- What is the difference between rebirth and renewal?


7. vs. 7- We have the hope of eternal life.  Since this entire section ties together, what bearing does this hope have on us being willing to be subject to rulers and authorities? Phil. 3:20


8. Pastor Discher stated that he believes we Americans, even Christians, have a tendency to be rebellious.  Do you agree?


9. What needs to change in our hearts to demonstrate submission and an obedient heart?


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