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Small Group Discussion: February 21

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Small Group Study Questions

February 21, 2021


Getting Started: Has anyone ever given you a large gift?  Would you be willing to share about it? How did this gift make you feel?



Digging In: Read Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37


  1. When you read about the early church, what sounds the most compelling to you? What sounds the most unrealistic to duplicate in our day?


  1. 2:42- What does it look like to be “devoted” to these things? What would you say most church-attenders are “devoted” to now?


  1. What created such a fervency, such a dedication? Is it possible for people today to have the same intensity about Jesus and his people? Why or why not?


  1. Both of these passages mention how they shared their possessions with each other. Why were they doing this?


  1. Acts 4:33-34 speaks of “God’s grace” being at work so powerfully that there was no needy person among them. Does “God’s grace” still work in such ways?


  1. We seem to be reluctant to:

            - sell our possessions and give them away.  Why?

            - put our possessions at the feet of the apostles with no strings attached. Why?


  1. Do conversations about giving our possessions away make you uncomfortable? Why?


  1. What would need to take place for you to start liquidating your property and giving it away to people other than your immediate family?


  1. If you made an extravagant donation to some God-honoring cause, how would that make you feel? Do you think you would have regrets?


  1. What are the kinds of things people need to do to break the power of “money” in their life?


  1. What are the kinds of things you need to do to break the power of “money” in your life?
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