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Soul Care - Week 4

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Getting Started:
If you had to describe what a soul is to a second grader…what would you say?

Digging In:
One of the extraordinary things about the book of Psalms is how well it speaks to the longings, desires, and satisfaction of our soul. Let’s spend time this week looking at some Psalms and what we can learn about our souls through them.

Psalm 62:5-6

  • Why do you think the writer is speaking to his soul? Do you find this practice strange, or perhaps comforting?
  • What could be some benefits of talking to your soul in this way?
  • Why do you think it needs to be reminded of who God is?

Psalm 131:1-3

  • Based on this Psalm, what does it look like for a soul to rest?
  • Why do you think the writer uses the illustration of a weaned child?
  • What are some ways that we search for more and more satisfaction instead of finding rest in the presence of God?

Psalm 42:1-2

  • “A paradox of the soul is that it is incapable of satisfying itself, but it is also incapable of living without satisfaction.” John Ortberg
  • Where do we find ultimate soul satisfaction?
  • Are there any practices that can help us remind our souls where its satisfaction can be found?
  • How do we share this message with others?
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